We could not dance Yosakoi together back in 2020. 

The smiles of dancers are disappearing from the world.

       But we believe in our dance.       

Our dance will not disappear. We will not let it disappear.

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Yosakoi makes the world smile!

Originating in Kochi Prefecture,
the Yosakoi Festival is one of
Japan’s most famous festivals.
Variations of this festival are held
in 29 countries and regions worldwide.
Yosakoi is a dance that brings smiles and
energy to everyone involved.
To promote both Yosakoi and Kochi,
the birthplace of this fascinating festival,
we challenge each and every one of you
to participate in the “Yosakoi Challenge”!

Have you heard of Kochi Prefecture?
It is the birthplace of the exciting
Yosakoi Festival,
an oasis of beautiful nature,
and the home of unique local culture!

The Yosakoi Challenge

Campaign Conclusion Details

The Yosakoi Challenge was held from February 1 to February 28, 2021 (Japan Standard Time).
Thank you everyone for participating in the Yosakoi Challenge: Yosakoi Your way to Happiness!
Please be informed that the campaign is now over.

Thank you everyone for your submissions!

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Winners will be announced on the Yosakoi Challenge Campaign homepage on Tuesday, March 9, 2021, Japan Standard Time.
We ask all winners to contact the Yosakoi Challenge Campaign Secretariat by e-mail (yosakoi-remix@vis-a-vis.co.jp ) by Monday, March 15 2021, Japan Standard Time.

The Yosakoi Challenge Campaign Secretariat will respond to your e-mail to confirm the identity of the sender and provide details about receiving the prize.
Please be informed that if no e-mail is received by Monday, March 15, the winner will be considered to have withdrawn.

Be sure to check this homepage on the day the winners are announced!
* Please include the social media account name used to submit your campaign video in the e-mail.

Yosakoi Challenge Campaign Secretariat


60 lucky winners will be chosen through a random drawing to receive an incredible Kochi Yosakoi Goods set! 60 lucky winners will be chosen through a random drawing to receive an incredible Kochi Yosakoi Goods set!

Prizes Prizes

Set contents

Original Design Happi
A happi (traditional Japanese festival costume) with a design based on a Furafu Flag. Furafu are traditional flags hand-crafted in Kochi.
The photo is just an example. The actual design may differ.
Original Design Naruko
A stylish Naruko, an item that symbolizes Yosakoi, displaying an official logo of Kochi Prefecture.
Kochi Limited Edition Tenugui Hand-Towel
A hand towel featuring Kochi Castle, other Kochi tourist spots, and local food.
Kochi Limited Edition Mask Case
A case made of Tosa washi paper, a traditional Kochi craft. Helps keep your mask clean.

Yosakoi Remix



Born in Kochi Prefecture, Japan, DJ KAORI is a world renowned artist based in the United States and Japan. In order to spread the exciting Yosakoi to the world, DJ KAORI has rearranged the main melody of the Yosakoi and composed "Yosakoi Remix", a collaboration between Japanese culture and DJ music.

Yosakoi Eight

Yosakoi Eight

The Yosakoi Eight consist of a group of 7 professional choreographers who choreographed and coached numerous dancers at the Yosakoi Festival, and Yosakoi ambassador.

Yosakoi Eight Dance Choreography Video

(Two samples available, choose the
one you like! For beginners or advanced)

For Beginners (Dance)

For Advanced (Dance)

For Beginners (Tutorial)

For Advanced (Tutorial)

Yosakoi makes the world smile!

See you in Kochi!

The Birthplace of Yosakoi
Kochi, Japan

Yosakoi Remix
~Remixed by DJ KAORI~

Makes the World Smile